DIY Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps Online
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DIY Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps Online

LOGitEASY Report Figure GIS software allows generating instant Groundwater ElevationContour Maps online without special GIS or modelling software knowledge.

Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps can be generated online using location data of previously logged LOGitEASY monitoring wells or using manually added or uploaded survey points.

Simply add a site (project), upload monitoring well IDs, well coordinates and groundwater elevations, and create automatic groundwater elevation contour maps online in under one minute.

Well coordinates can be uploaded in csv file format, as Lat/Long, State Plane or UTM coordinates. Groundwater flow direction arrow can be added manually.

Property lines of the project site and neighbor parcels can seamlessly be included on the figures.

Reach out if you require georeferenced groundwater contours, monitoring wells or property parcel boundaries. We can provide geolocated files in AutoCAD dxf, geoJSON, ESRI shapefile, etc. formats in multiple coordinate systems for use with CADD, GIS or 3D modelling tools. Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps are delivered in PDF format, on 11x17” titleblock, including your logo, client name, site # or name, and site address.