A Goldmine of Free Tools for the Geoconsulting Industry

Self Assessement Tool

Assess your current boring log process.


Field Log Forms

Record field logging data more consistently and efficiently.


Munsell Calculator

Convert a Munsell color code to a soil color name.


USCS Calculator

Convert % gravel, sand, fines to soil group name & symbol.


Free tools

In the course of developing our geological logging and boring log software services, we created numerous tools that we felt geoconsultants and students could benefit from even if they don't use our services. We felt these tools would also help raise the standards of the geoconsulting industry and therefore decided to make them freely available on our website so that professionals and students can use them as often as they like.

The Free Tools section contains the following tools:

If you have any ideas for additional tools that would be useful for the geoconsulting industry or students, please contact us.