ICD Services primary business is to provide AUTOCAD environmental drafting and quality assurance services to environmental consulting firms. ICD SERVICES and LogitEasy use the same fully-automated, internet-based work management system. ICDs expertise in the environmental consulting industry and internet-based process for map generation puts ICD ahead of competition in terms of service, pricing and quality.


Geotech's mission is to provide database management and graphics products and services to businesses. Many of our clients are in the Oil and Gas and Environmental industries, both of which have large amounts of data needing to be managed. Much of this data is distributed geographically, and we want to help them manage it more efficiently and profitably.

Geotech offers a variety of services to help customers learn about and solve their technical and business problems. In over twenty years in the business, we have seen many different problems and helped solve them. And if we can't help you, we'll help you find someone who can.


COLUMBIA Technologies is a global specialty contractor dedicated to providing world-class innovative data collection, analyses, visualization, mapping and tracking tools to optimize soil and groundwater contamination. Serving as an industry leader in high resolution site characterization, we are able to combine the latest technological tools with our knowledgeable field experts.


EnviroInsite is a groundwater data visualization environment developed by and for practicing hydrogeologists. It is a workspace for understanding and communication of complex, spatial and temporal patterns in environmental data and geologic conditions. EnviroInsite’s ease of use and low cost make it the only choice for groundwater visualization on every desktop.


LogitEasy's participation in the 2014 and 2015 Florida Remediation Conferences, 2015 AEG Annual Meeting, and 2016 GSA SE and 2017 GSA NE/NC Meetings were made possible through the support of the European Regional Development Fund (SKV-L-2016/587).