Simplify Your Boring Log Process With LOGitEASY

Free Boring log software

Create free logs online from the field or office.


Premium Boring log software

Includes advanced logging functionality, data files, custom templates, free cross sections.



boring log drafting from field notes, x-sections, etc



create DIY aerial/topo figures online, with survey information


Boring Log Services

Tell Us About Your Needs

LOGitEASY provides boring log software online and boring log drafting services to geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting companies. Are you searching for:

  • A field logging solution for mobile devices?
  • Boring log software for creating report-quality logs?
  • Drafting support for converting your field notes into logs?
LOGitEASY eForm Boring Log Software

LOGitEASY eForm Boring Log Software

Three Ways to Create Logs

If so, LOGitEASY can help you with any or all of these needs. Our online boring log software, called the LOGitEASY eForm, works both in the field, for logging soil borings and wells on mobile devices, and in the office, for creating report-quality boring logs. Our log drafting services can be integrated into your existing team, or used on an as-needed basis. To learn more about each of these services, click on the individual services at the top of this page.

We Hear Your Challenges

Our inspiration for developing this group of services began when we spoke with people in the geoconsulting industry and you told us the following:

  • “Field logs come back with missing data”
  • “Logs look different from office to office”
  • “Logs sit in the geologist’s inbox for weeks”
  • “It costs several hundred $ to create a log”
LOGitEASY eForm Boring Log Software

LOGitEASY eForm Boring Log Software

Our Promise

Based on these and other insights shared by industry professionals, we designed our software and service delivery around the following principles and performance metrics:

  • Assurance – Align with industry standards and facilitate adherence to standards;
  • Consistency – Drive consistency in data entry, log outputs, and process management;
  • Efficiency – Enter data and produce logs easily and quickly, within predictable time frames; and
  • Cost-Effective – Save cost over current processes and clearly demonstrate this cost savings.

Do you have similar aspirations for geological logginging and preparing boring logs? If so, please Sign Up free to start using our software and services.

Not sure about how your current practices compare to industry best practices? If so, we encourage you to visit our Free Tools section and assess your performance using our Self Assessment Tool.

Still have additional questions about our standard services or would like to discuss a custom solution? If so, please contact us.