News and Insights

News and Insights

Exclusive offer on Team subscriptions

Hop into spring with LOGitEASY's Soil Logging and GIS Software, now enhanced with Google Elevation data for depicting accurate ground surface profiles in geologic cross sections (free with premium logs). Whether you're a geologist, environmental consultant, or soil scientist, our software is your ultimate tool for streamlined soil data management and analysis. Easter Sale Image by Freepik

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Use Google Ground Surface Elevation Profile in Cross Sections

Simply check 'Use Google Ground Surface Elevation Profile' check box and your cross section will be generated using Google elevation data for ground surface. DIY geologic cross sections can be generated online, free with finalized premium logs.

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Create Isoconcentration Maps and Heat Maps within seconds!

Introducing new functionality to our do-it-yourself report figure software! With a few clicks you can now create isoconcentration and heat maps online using previously logged boreholes or newly added survey points. Data can be added manually or uploaded from a csv file. Online isoconcentration map functionality complements LOGitEASY’s other GIS mapping features: site topographic maps, site plans, groundwater contour maps, analytical box figures, boring logs, and geologic cross sections. No specific GIS or CAD skills required. See how it's done

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Easily create and print Soil and Groundwater Analytical Data Maps online

Introducing new functionality to our do-it-yourself report figure software! You can now add soil or groundwater analytical data to previously logged boreholes or newly added survey points and print report-quality maps for environmental site assessment or monitoring reports. Analytical map functionality complements LOGitEASY’s other online features: site topographic maps, site plans, groundwater contour maps, boring logs, and geologic cross sections. Plus, it is very easy - no need for special GIS or graphic software knowledge. See how it's done

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Introducing Dashboard

See out new Dashboard for easier navigation and latest notifications Dashboard includes three sections: INBOX - with latest work request delivery and clarification notifications, CREATE - for quick work request and figure creation, and LEARN - to access Start Guides, Video Playlist and FAQs. Please provide your feedback by sending us a message (lower right corner of the page).

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Export Parcel Boundaries & Borings to dxf, kml, shp, etc.

We now have a very easy way to add project property boundaries, boring locations, survey points, etc. AND to convert them into various data formats (dxf, shp, kml, etc.) as well as different coordinate systems. This allows quickly getting workable files with correct property geolocations in the desired coordinate systems, e.g. SPC (ftUS) or UTM (metric). Files can then be edited in your preferred software (AutoCAD, Google Earth, ESRI, etc.). Reach out if that is something you’d find useful for your projects.


Online Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps Coming Soon...

In addition to online boring logs, geologic cross sections, site location maps, and site maps, we will be adding more DIY services, latest being Groundwater Elevation Contour Maps online! Simply add groundwater elevation data to your LOGitEASY well locations, or upload survey points with coordinates & add or import groundwater elevations, and generate contour maps online within seconds! Send us a message if you’d like to learn more!

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Impress your clients with 3D Geology Models of your project site!

In addition to soil logging, boring logs, 2D cross sections and DIY site maps you can now get 3D lithology models for your project sites. Then imbed the models in MS Word reports, edit in AutoCAD or other 3D modelling tools. As low as $50/model. Contact us to learn more!

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Do not miss our September Sale!

Do not miss our Buy-One-Get-One-Free Sale

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Simplified Menu and Point-to-Point Cross Sections

We’ve simplified the main menu by hiding ‘Clients’ and ‘Offices’ sections, and added a couple new software features.

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LOGitEASY announces integration with Quire

LOGitEASY is very pleased to announce our integration with Quire, a cloud-based application for technical report-writing. LOGitEASY clients are now able to push completed boring logs directly into the appropriate areas of their Quire Reports.

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LOGitEASY announces integration with C Tech

We are very pleased to announce our integration with C Tech Development Corporation, the authors of Earth Volumetric Studio (EVS), the world’s leading three-dimensional volumetric Earth Science software system. LOGitEASY offers the only boring log software (and service) which supports C Tech’s newest file format for lithologic data. LOGitEASY clients are now able to export their boring log digital data files for direct use in EVS to perform 3D visualization and modelling.

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Terms of Service - Update

As more and more of our services are available as DIY figures, maps and logs, we are updating the Terms of Service for our websites. The main purpose of these changes is to clarify subscription terms, make pre-paid and invoice payments easier, and to reduce administrative tasks. These updates will be posted on our workspace and will go into effect on January 20, 2021.

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Happy Holidays!

Warmest thoughts and joyful wishes for you during this Holiday Season!

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Black Friday Sale - 2020

In our biggest sale of the year we offer a free iPad when you start online soil logging! (includes boring logs and cross sections) SIX DAYS ONLY: November 25th through November 30th, 2020 (USA and Canada only) Purchase 100 pre-paid LOGitEASY premium-standard boring logs (including free cross sections) at 50% discount - $10/log, and receive the new 10.2" - retina display iPad, Wi-Fi, 32 GB -

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Quick Soil Description Entry

Does your current boring log software provide quick and consistent soil data entry? Save time and improve quality by logging it easy!

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