How Much Can You Save by Logging Soil Borings Electronically?


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Cost Savings Estimator

Estimate the cost savings of logging borings electronically.


Boring and Well Log Cost Savings Estimator

We created the Cost Savings Estimator to help you estimate the cost benefits of using the LOGitEASY eForm for electronic field logging data collection versus using a paper-based field logging process as a precursor to creating logs. Since the LOGitEASY eForm is web-based software and available for use on a pay-as-you-go basis, you can evaluate its cost effectiveness on a project-by-project basis before using it on a given project. For each project, simply enter the number of borings for which you will be preparing logs, and then enter your hourly rates and estimated hours for each step of the process listed. For the hours that are listed in the LOGitEASY column and associated with electronically-recorded field data, we have included Assumptions on the right. Besides illustrating the potential cost savings, the Cost Savings Estimator also illustrates how transparent the cost of software associated with field mobility can be when this software is priced on a per-use basis versus a one-time license or ongoing per-seat fee basis.

If you have any comments about the usefulness of this tool or suggestions for improving it, please feel to contact us.

Hourly Rate Conventional LOGitEASY
Time (hr) Cost ($) Time (hr) Cost ($)
# of Boring and Well Logs Assumptions:
Field Data Entry Electronic data entry using the LOGitEASY eForm is as quick or quicker than hand written data entry.
Field Staff Communication with Office PM can review LOGitEASY field log from the office on-line without having to speak to field staff.
Internal Review Electronically-recorded data are validated in the field against a standard, requiring less review time.
Data Transfer to Log Software LOGitEASY delivers report-quality log for a fixed price.
PM Review Logs created from electronically-recorded data require less review time.
Create Regulatory Data File (if required) Regulatory data file (if required) is included in the price of the log.
Total Cost
Cost Savings

Additional Benefits of LOGitEASY

Software License LOGitEASY is a web-based service, and no license is required.
Training In Software Use LOGitEASY is intuitive and therefore requires minimal training.
Drilling Bid Sheets/Work Specs Bid Sheets and Work Specs can automatically be created from log requests.
Delivery of Field Notes Back to Office With LOGitEASY, field notes do not need to be driven back to the office at the end of the day for review.