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Munsell Soil Color Name Calculator

We created the Munsell Calculator for those of you that record only the Munsell color notation (code) in the field when describing soil color, but that require the soil color name in the soil description when preparing boring and test pit logs. To use the Munsell Calculator, enter the Munsell code by starting with the Hue 1 row - select the appropriate button on the row and then proceed down to the next row. When you are finished entering the code, the calculator will return the soil color name with a color strip at the top. If you would like to use a second color to describe the soil color, press the “+” button after entering the code for the first color, and then enter the code for the second color. You can then select the Copy buttons to copy the calculated soil color(s) name(s) in two formats – soil color name (code) or soil color name – for further pasting into your logs (desktop users only). In the case of two soil colors, they will be separated by the word “to.”

If you have any comments about the usefulness of this tool or suggestions for improving it, please feel to contact us.

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