Boring Log Drafting Pricing

LogitEasy’s Log Drafting services are priced on a fixed-fee (per log, regardless of depth) basis because we believe this is the most transparent way of demonstrating the process cost of our services. It also eliminates any uncertainty about the influence of boring depth of the cost of log drafting. Our pricing reflects our understanding of industry costs and is designed to help companies: 1) budget more accurately for their projects, and 2) achieve a cost savings in boring log preparation.

Log Drafting services are offered using pay-as-you-go pricing (invoiced monthly) and apply to logs created from field notes or from historical logs. The cost of logs includes a PDF gINT or LogPlot log, corresponding data file, and legend. Corrections, if required, are included in the cost of logs.

Log Drafting services are offered on standard 7-day and express 3-day turnaround times. We realize that you appreciate having your logs completed on a predictable turnaround time, and encourage you to plan ahead so that you can lock in the lower costs associated with standard turnaround time.

Log Drafting
Price $30/log
gINT Template PDF + GPJ file
LogPlot Template PDF + DAT file
Turnaround Time
gINT Template 3 or 7 days*
LogPlot Template 3 or 7 days*
*$60 for 3 day TAT

Contact us for custom templates and file formats.