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Boring log drafting services

Upload field notes or historical logs and download report-quality logs.


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Log Drafting

"LogitEasy drafted gINT template logs for us from field notes, for three projects over one month. The projects were managed in their web portal from start to finish and, other than us reviewing the logs, required little effort from our part."

Pangea Environmental Services, Project Engineer, CA

LogitEasy provides a pay-as-you-go drafting service (Log Drafting) for creating report-quality boring logs. The service transforms your field notes or historical logs into standard gINT and LogPlot templates. We also draft logs in custom templates – please contact us for more information.

We created the Log Drafting service to meet the various needs of geotechnical and environmental consultants:

  • You have a requirement for gINT or LogPlot logs but currently don’t own the software.
  • You don’t have in-house resources for drafting logs.
  • You have a requirement for a custom template log (e.g., Excel) or other special requirements (e.g., soil descriptions in USDA classification), and would appreciate the convenience of someone else creating these non-standard logs.
  • You need logs done in a hurry and there is no one available to do them (your current resources are either out in the field or overloaded).

We selected fixed-fee, pay-as-you-go pricing for LogitEasy’s Log Drafting service, with fixed turnaround times, so that Project Managers would know: 1) how much the completed logs will cost, and 2) in what timeframe they will be delivered. It should be noted that the cost of drafting logs is not dependent on boring/well depth. If you have a project with a large number of borings with similar lithologies, or of shallow depth, or with less stringent turnaround times, please contact us about a discounted rate for Log Drafting services.



How it Works

Log Drafting requires users to first Sign Up free to get access to the LogitEasy Workspace (website) where drafting requests are created, field notes or historical logs uploaded, and the drafting project managed to receipt of final deliverables. When creating work requests for Log Drafting, users select the template type and turnaround time, and provide any special instructions for the drafting request. Following receipt of drafted logs, corrections, if required, are also managed through the website.

Log Drafting services are delivered on a 3 day (express) or 7 day (standard) turnaround time (TAT). A data file (.gpj or .dat) and legend are included with the logs as part of this service.