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LogitEasy’s proprietary web-based software (called the LogitEasy Field Form) can be used both in the field to log soil borings and in the office to transfer field notes. The LogitEasy Field Form’s unique user interface mimics traditional paper field forms and facilitates fast and consistent data entry. It was developed by geoconsultants to be intuitive and easy to learn, and continues to improve through feedback provided by our customers. Once data is entered into the LogitEasy Field Form, a PDF log can be generated instantly. You can try the LogitEasy Field Form here.

LogitEasy Field Form Features

The LogitEasy Field Form offers numerous benefits which may or may not be available with your current software:

Free Logs

LogitEasy’s Free Logs service includes use of the LogitEasy Field Form for data entry and a choice of LogitEasy Environmental or Geotechnical boring or well log templates. To get started, sign up today!

Premium Logs

We also provide Premium Logs services that include the following additional features on the LogitEasy Field Form:

Premium Logs are available in standard LogitEasy, gINT, and LogPlot templates. Premium Logs services deliver a PDF log, data file, and legend. LogitEasy PDFs can be generated from our website, while gINT and LogPlot template logs are available on standard 7-day and express 3-day turnaround times. Premium Logs are priced on a Pay-As-You-Go, fixed-fee basis, with a Pre-Paid bulk logs option available for LogitEasy templates only.

If you are using other boring log software but would like to use our field logging solution and receive digital data for import into your software, please contact us.

Log Drafting

In addition to our online boring log services, LogitEasy also provides Log Drafting services from field notes and historical logs in standard gINT and LogPlot log templates. Log Drafting services deliver a PDF log, data file, and legend on standard 7- day and express 3-day turnaround times and are priced on a Pay-As-You-Go, fixed-fee basis. The cost of Log Drafting services is not dependent on boring/well depth, and includes the cost of any corrections.

LogitEasy Workspace

All of our services are delivered through a secure web portal that clients have access to once they sign up. Clients place, track, request edits and pick up their orders in our portal and access the LogitEasy Field Form there.

Clients and Partners

Our clients appreciate our flexible service delivery and willingness to customize our standard solutions to meet their needs. We, in turn, appreciate the feedback our clients provide as it drives our continual improvement process.

We bring additional value to our clients by identifying partners with which to integrate our services into a broader offering.


For your use, we have created and provide the following FREE tools on this website:

Other Services

Our company also provides the following services:

Please contact us if you have any questions about our standard services, would like to discuss a custom solution, or just have a particular logging or log preparation challenge.

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